Nail Salon St. Petersburg, FL The Nail Garden at Salon Volo
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Rates & Services

Sets & Fill-Ins     727-384-6245

Sculptured Nail Set 

90 Minutes  55.00

A full set of nails applied to your desired length, shape, and polish color.


60 Minutes  35.00

40.00 after 3 wks


GEL POLISH -  added to any full set or fill is an additional 10.00

*Fill-Ins are necessary to maintain your Sculptured Nails and are needed every 2 to 3 weeks depending on individual nail growth. Fill-Ins include new nail growth filling, shape and shorten as needed or requested, and polish.(No broken nail charges for customers scheduling maintenance Fill-In appointment every 2  weeks.)

Pink & White

90 Minutes  65.00

*Same as above, using permanent French colors.

Pink & White Fill-Ins 

60 to 90 Minutes  43.00

*Same as above, using permanent French colors.


Sand & Polish

30 Minutes  25.00

In between Fill-In appointments a Sand & Polish is sometimes requested. A Sand & Polish includes buffing down the thin ridge that nail growth shows, shortening as needed or requested, and polish.



SCULPTURED NAILS - $6.00ea. One at a time

Natural Nail Care   727-384-6245

Regular Manicure
30 Minutes  25.00
Manicures include shaping and shortening nails as requested, cuticle treatment, buffing or polish.
Deluxe Manicure
45 Minutes  35.00
The above mentioned in regular manicure plus - exfoliation and hand massage.
30 Minutes  20.00
Manicures include shaping and shortening nails as requested, cuticle treatment, buffing or polish.
Shellac / Gel Polish - Manicure  
60 Minutes  45.00
Gel Polish is a cross between gel nails and traditional nail polish.  It is applied like regular nail polish, but dries like a gel. Gel Polish gives your manicure more stability than the usual manicure, allowing it to last longer. A Gel manicure is completely dry when finished and will last 14 days without chips. (price includes removal of Gel polish). 

Pedicures   727-384-6245

SPA - Pedicures 

60 Minutes  45.00 (and up)

Pedicures include nail trim, whirlpool water soak, cuticle treatment, callus sanding,  thorough foot massage, and polish.


30 Minutes  35.00 

(For regular pedicure customers used in conjunction with full pedicures.)

Mini-Pedi includes  water soak, and choice of 2 regular pedi-services:

1. Nail trim 2. Cuticle treatment 3. Callus sanding

4. Foot massage  5. Polish

Sculptured Toe Nail Sets & Fill-Ins     727-384-6245

Pink & White Toe Set - $60.00

Pink & White Toe Fill-Ins - $35.00

Full Set Toes - $45.00

Fill-In Toes - $35.00

Maintenance on Sculptured Toes ranges from 4 to 6 weeks depending on individual nail growth.

 About YOUR Safety     727-384-6245

At The Nail Garden your safety is of utmost importance to us! We use only hospital grade disinfectant. Every tool is either sanitized or thrown away after each service. Our pedicure spas are thoroughly disinfected between EVERY client.(Including a 10 minute soak of the internal jets which many salons do NOT do!)